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Average Penis Size For 15 Year-Old

6 Truths About Average Penis Size For 15 Year Old

Like women Men also suffer from Body shaming and have a lot of stress about their natural penis size. The fact is that each one out there does not have a large penis. This can be natural or due to many hormonal changes during your puberty. Likely, change in lifestyle also can severely affect the natural size of your penis. You don’t agree?

We have compiled a set of truths related to average penis size for 15-year-oldwhich will land you wondering about your body part, the penis if you haven’t thought for long!

1.The Real truth

The average penis size for 15-year-old is assumed to be approximately 4 cms lengthwise at birth; the average is understood to be between 2.4 and 5.5 cms. During the initial years, say first five years of a boy’s life penis growth is very slow and limited in both height and circumference. Ideally, it can be seen that there is a limited growth of penis from 5 years of age of a boy to around 13 with no major changes.

2. Magic of Hormones

The Teenage Years cannot be forgotten when each of your body used to buzz with hormones in large amounts. The reason behind this is all these hormones which change the look and feel of our body from within. Due to these hormones the penis moves and is under control. These hormones also give an opportunity for our body to grow. Due to this hormonal activity, the average penis size for 15-year-old can be easily calculated.

3. Puberty, the right time

This is the actual time when the changes take place in one’s body. In a boy’s life major significant both physical and emotional changes take place. Puberty is one such life stage when a boy’s body starts entering into manhood. This happens irrespective of the mood or time in a human body. It is a phase which each and every boy has to go through. All changes that occur are very much normal to happen. Hence this is the time when we notice the average penis size for 15-year-old as mentioned in the article.

4. First physical change to see

The first noticeable physical change will be your testes growing big both in length and in circumference. A lot of pubic hair will be seen now onwards on your body. Pubic hair will be more visible from now on. At this point, the penis size will begin to increase. When this change happens, the average penis size for 15-year-old also gives a logical understanding.

5. Dry Orgasms

Prior to hitting puberty, boys only experience the “dry” orgasms. They don’t really get ejaculations at an early period. However, with the beginning of puberty, boys experience a lot of ejaculation and an increase in sex drive. When they start feeling their body they know they have hit the Adulthood which excites most of them. This is the driving force to know the average penis size for 15-year-old and the science behind it can be explained and understood.

6. Length does not matter

The flaccid length is never the deciding factor for the length of erection in a male body. Few men with shorter flaccid penises give a normal picture of an erection. This type of penis is known as growers. Few men may appear large even in the flaccid state, though they don’t show a great picture when erect. This type is called showers. The various surveys prove that about 79% of men are growers, however only 21% are showers.

As we understand the average penis size for 15-year-old is something all teenagers want to know about. As listed above were some truths which are mostly known to all and is very natural. In addition to all the above!

Below are some really funny and interesting facts you may not know about a penis –

  • Most men underestimate their penis type and are not happy about the length of their penis.
  • The length of the penis has nothing to do with the size of your height or foot or any other body measurements.
  • If you smoke, there might be serious issues when it comes to your penis as it impacts the size of the penis. This happens due to the blood not able to flow accurately to it.
  • If at the age of 16 or 17 you do not see average growth in penis then try consulting a doctor for advice or look at penis enlargement options.

The details below provide you enough information as to what

Average penis size for 15-year-old looks like.

Age 13 – 4.8 in

Age 14 – 5.4 in

Age 15 – 5.6 in

Age 16 – 5.7 in

Age 17 – 5.8 in

Age 18 – 5.8 in

Age 19+ – 5.9 in

As mentioned from the chart above, the growth of penis will be significantly slow. 5 to 13 years of age is the fastest time for the penis to grow and take its shape and size. If after puberty has stopped and you do not see any major increase in your penis size, it’s a matter of worry and you should immediately go to your doctor or find other ways as below for penis enlargement.

Below listed are the ways to increase the average penis size of a 15-year-old


A lot many doctors advise a surgical procedure to increase the penis size, though such surgeries are not truly cosmetic enhancement procedures. In such a surgery, the muscles from other parts of your body are inserted into the lower part of your penis so that the length increases. These surgeries come with various side effects and can cause serious harm to your penis. Besides, there is no much increase in the penis length hence the risk is not worth taking.

 Mechanical devices

Nowadays there are many simple and non-invasive devices available which can help in enlarging a penis. Also, the effect stays a little longer during sex. Though they can cause injuries, pumps and clamps for penis are some of the most popular contraptions. These give only temporary results and may be beneficial to those who are experiencing with erectile dysfunction.


Exercises like Jelqing and Kegels can be helpful in case you need for strengthening erections. If these are done religiously, they can even help in strengthening the entire pelvic floor and groin region. They improve the blood flow to the groin region and strengthen it.

The article above has clearly explained the numerous truths behind the average penis size for 15-year-oldand also provided measures in case you are not satisfied with the natural size of your penis.

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