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I hate my Life

Why I hate my Life? How to cope up with this

God has created us and has given us a wonderful world full of beauty all around it. The nature is so beautiful it has made a place for each and every creature who takes birth on this earth, nature has given us water to drink, oxygen to breath and delicious fruits and vegetables to eat. A place to live and an environment to survive. Simply, he has given us everything to live a happy life which has all the facilities but still I hate my life.

But in our lives there come situations where we start to hate our lives and wish to end it up! And the reasons are just because you are not able to see any solution to your situation or you are not able to see the right path or you find negativity all around you and see all doors are locked! But did you try to knock the door? You have seen it and imagined it is locked and decided to end up your life. This is not the right decision. You are a human being different from other creatures you have been provided with mind and ability to think so, try to be calm, take help from your elders and family members in any situation of difficulty. And you are not a coward, never think to end your life!

There are situations in our lives where we decide to end up our lives, we say, I hate my life because I do not have this, or because I couldn’t get that! But have you ever thought about the people who even do not have what you have, they do not have clothes to wear and food to eat, but still, they are thankful for all what they have and never regret and say I hate my life. We start to hate our life when we see negativity all around us when we are unable to get and fulfill all that we need. It is an internal negative thought that grows inside you slowly with all the negative experiences of life!

It is true that you are your best friend and a worst enemy! As we know a true friend is one who will always stop us from doing wrong deeds and will always stand beside us when we are on the right path. Same way it is our responsibility to be our best friend, not a worst enemy. As your enemy will always encourage you towards wrong deeds! There are various common negative thoughts and emotions that bring the feeling of hatred within us, hatred towards life and people. Here we have come up with some of the common thoughts and emotions that take you towards the negativity of hating your life and under worst conditions finally ending it!

Why do I hate my life?

  • I hate my life as it is full of sadness and has no achievement, desire or happiness in it.
  • I hate my life and myself because I trust everyone easily and it always gets broken by others.
  • I hate my life when people ignore me; I hate my life when my near and dear ones do not have time for my problems.
  • I hate my life because it has nothing good in it, it is surrounded by negativity.
  • I hate my life for not having good friends.
  • I hate my life as everybody dominates me and make fun of me.
  • I hate my life when someone gives me a lecture and scolds me or beats me, even if they are my parents!
  • I hate my life when am unable to talk the people around me, and I feel panic while replying to them.
  • I hate my life as am not having a good financial status and I have to depend on over my family for every need.
  • I hate my life when am not able to fulfill my dreams.
  • I hate my life as I do not have a good body, face, and mind.
  • I hate my life as I do not have all that I want.
  • I hate my life as it is not at all under my control.

Solutions to not hating my life

As we know, everybody is born on a different day, different date and at a different time! We all have our different limitations and different mental levels. And it completely depends on us about how do we look to our life and where do we take our life, towards positivity or negativity! We all have our lives full of happiness as well as sorrows. We all have issues in life, but it completely depends on us the way we look at our life. People says I hate my life as I do not have this and I cannot get they but they never look at what they have, to love your life instead of hating it you must start looking at the positive and good things present in your life.

As we know, it is you who can be your best friend or a worst enemy, so it’s better to be your friend and look at the good in everything even if something bad is going in your life try to find out positivity out of negativity. That’s the most powerful way to live your life in the best way ever. There are situations in life we feel sad, we are stressed and depressed, but we can only realize the happiness when we have faced the sorrow. We can only say it is a day when we have seen the night! Thus, life is a journey, and it is all upon us how to we start and end our journey.

Here we have some the points that will encourage you to love your life more than hating it, these are:

  • Do not observe the life as a problem but as a colorful journey.
  • Do not worry time comes for everything!
  • Set plans for everything and learn to enjoy your life.
  • Spend time with people who inspire you and fulfill your life with positivity.
  • Give priority to things that you love, and your
  • See big dreams and try hard to fulfill them and never give up!
  • Remember ever ending is a new beginning.
  • Always listen to your own heart and follow it.
  • Remember you are not weak if situations are tough, be tougher and maintain patience and peace.
  • Be in love with your life, as you are the lucky one to have one.

Be thankful to everything you have and first of all have faith on your capabilities and abilities. Be strong and never be sad and shattered with life do your best be positive and confident and you will surely find success.

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